The Origins of the Olympic Biathlon

IOC Member A: Geez, cross country skiing is so boring. What can we do to make it at least watchable?

IOC Member B: What if we made the skiers stop every now and then and shoot stuff?

IOC Member A: Shoot what?

IOC Member B: Who cares? Just shoot stuff.

IOC Member A: Yeah, I guess that would certainly help. Good; let’s go with that.

IOC Member B: And then, at the end, they have to fight a bear with a knife.

IOC Member A: The bear has a knife?

IOC Member B: No, genius. The skier has the knife.

IOC Member A: Nah. I think you’re just taking it too far now.

IOC Member B: Fine, we’ll drop the knife fight.

IOC Member A: Although I am intrigued by the idea of a bear with a knife. We should try to work that into something – like maybe figure skating.

IOC Member B: I’ll get right on it.

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